healthy homemade dog food

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healthy homemade dog food

Healthy homemade dog food

Healthy Homemade Dog Food

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healthy homemade dog foodMy favorite treat is pizza with the cardboard box. Any kind of pizza, even day old pizza, or cold pizza. Only I'm not supposed to eat it off the counter. What do they expect? The pizza is there, I'm there. Like I'm going to just sit and wait for the crusts when Dee and Brian (my two legged pals) finish it? Nope, it's every Irish Setter for herself.

Chicken and Potatoes is one of my favorite dinners. Dee simmers chicken thighs with carrots, potatoes and just enough water to cover. When the chicken is done she puts in some cut up apples. She debones � I don't know why, I could eat the bones, really I could � when I caught that quail in the backyard I just ate the whole thing I didn't "debone" it. Anyway. She takes the chicken meat off the bone and mixes it with the potatoes carrots and apples. It's about 50% chicken meat, 25% potatoes, and 25% carrots and apples. Yum Oh. Healthy Homemade dog food.

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