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dog training

Free Dog Training Tips

Hi, this is Rose, the Irish Setter. We've got lots of free dog training tips for you but first. Let's talk about our two legged friends. Obedience training is very important for the safety of your human. Every two legged companion should know basic commands such as 'Sit', 'Stay', Wait, and the all important 'Come'. Oh. The really, really important commands are 'Dinner,' 'Bye bye in the car,' and 'Nite nite'. Companion training is not very different from dog training.

Every canine companion should be well mannered and that means house broken. For the most part we don't like to go in our own den (house). You can find more information on potty training or house breaking here. Humans are pretty well potty trained except for the short ones that run around in those funny paper pants.

A Few More Free Dog Training Tips

Training should be a fun activity for you and your favorite two legged companion. Pick a time of day when you both are alert. Right before meal time is a good time. If you're not in a happy relaxed state of mind your human won't be either.

Keep the sessions short, no more than 10 minutes to begin with. Human attention spans are short.

Train in an area where there are few distractions. The back yard isn't the best place to train. Stay away from other dogs and kids.

Stay positive. Training is a fun time. If your human doesn't get the commands right away that's okay, he or she will eventually. Always praise and try not to scold. And never, never, never bite.

Use big sloppy kisses as a reward when your human starts to get the command. If she starts to sit reward that effort. Wag your tail and bark to show her she's on the right track.

End the session with a command your human buddy already knows well. Then give him or her lots and lots of praise.

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free dog training tips

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dog training