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Walking the Dog

Why You Should Walk Your Dog

Walking the dog is great exercise for you and your dog. If you walk your dog every morning or evening, you might not realize how much he looks forward to this part of his day. To a dog, the walk is a travel experience. New sights, sounds, smells�all these are important experiences for him. You can prove this by not going on the walk one day. Watch how he seems crestfallen when you don�t appear with the familiar leash at the regular time. One way to enhance the dog walking experience is to vary your route at least partially each day, so he can satisfy his need to explore.

If he enjoys just walking a mile or two through the neighborhood, imagine what a treat it is to go on a family vacation with you. These days, dogs are welcome in lodging facilities across the country. And not just cabins or campgrounds�5 star hotels in the middle of major cities more and more have a pet friendly policy. This is the ultimate excitement for your dog: he looks out the car window wondering where you are headed and what you are going to do.

No matter where you are walking the dog make sure his collar includes a tag with your contact information, preferably a cell phone you always have with you. And keep your buddy on a leash all the time unless you're in an off leash park. A safe puppy is a happy puppy.

Walking the dog should be a safe and happy time for both of you.

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