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Healthy Dog treats and Snacks

You can buy prepared snacks for your puppy pal in lots of different shapes, flavors, and sizes but you don't have to. Lots of food for people are appropriate for dogs. Think low fat, low salt, and low calorie. Article continues below.

Raw carrots are a favorite for dogs. They help clean his teeth, provide crunch and are low calorie. Many dogs like celery sticks as well. Apple and pear slices are a good snack. Grapes can upset your dog's digestive system and smaller dogs can choke on the grape. Don�t feed him cherries; the pit can break a tooth. And that can mean expensive dental work. Dogs have a sweet tooth (did you know that cats can't taste 'sweet'?) but prepackaged cookies and candy are not a good idea. If you bake cookies, such as oatmeal, it's permissible for your dog to have a small one as a special treat. Chocolate can be poisonous to dogs so chocolate chip cookies are definitely a no-no.

Peanut butter stuffed inside a toy can keep your pooch occupied for hours. So can a bit of cheese. If you use cheese keep an eye on the portion size since cheese has a high fat content.

Beef or chicken jerky that's low in sodium can be used as training treats.

People pretzels without salt, as well as unsalted crackers can be used as a treat in moderation.

Use healthy treats and include them as part of your dog's diet.

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