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Top Toys to Keep Your Dog Entertained

You've already bought the necessities like a collar, a food bowl, a leash and a crate, but have you thought about how you will keep your dog entertained? Dogs need attention and things to do, much like humans, or they will get bored and be unhappy. Check out this list of cool dog toys sure to keep your dog entertained for hours.


Kongs are great toys for almost any dog. They are made of durable rubber and come in a variety of sizes. The big bonus for your dog is that they have a hole running through the middle that you can stuff with treats! Stick your dog's favorite food down in the hole and your dog will have hours of fun trying to lick it out.

Treat Balls

These are some of the best dog toys for stimulating your dog's mind. Dog's love challenge and treat balls will keep them working for a long time. The idea behind the balls is that they open so you can pour dog treats or food into the ball, then when the ball is flipped the right way, there is a small hole that will dispense some of the treats. You dog will spend plenty of his time pushing the ball around, trying to figure out how to get more treats!


Wubbas are excellent toys to get your dog up and active. Even if you are too tired to walk or jog with your dog, grab a wubba and take him out to the back yard. Wubbas are made with a ball wrapped up with tails. They are fun to fling around for your dog for a game of fetch. They also are an excellent chew toy when he's done running around.

Puppy Toys

Puppies need toys too! But sometimes puppies can't play with adult dog toys. Make sure that the toys you get for your puppy can not be easily chewed apart, because parts can get lodged in a small puppy's throat or intestines. Keep an eye on any stuffed toys, as you don't want your puppy to rip it open and eat all of the stuffing. If you do find that your puppy is trying to operate on his stuffed toy, try opting for something more durable, like a kong.

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