Dog Friendly Vacations

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Dog Friendly Vacations

Dog Friendly Vacations

pet friendly hotels Don't leave your Canine Companion at home> Have a dog friendly vacation. Dogs need vacations too. Your family and your puppy buddy can have a great time at the beach, a Manhattan hotel or camping. Over 30 pages crammed with where to go, what to pack and how to have fun when you arrive. Your dog can have a pet friendly vacation. It doesn't cost a lot, not in money or in bones. It's only $6.99. Use that plastic thingie our two legged companions use. You don't have to have a paypal account.

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Not that many years ago, taking a dog, or any pet for that matter, on a vacation was not practical, sometimes not even possible. Most lodging establishments around the country had the familiar "NO PETS" sign hung in a prominent place near the front entrance. But in recent times this has changed in a radical way. At many hotels and motels around the country, even posh resorts, the WELCOME sign has been hung out for Man's Best Friend.

dog friendly vacations

Here is what is included:

Do Dogs Like To Travel? An Interview

Go or No Go for Fido: Should Your Dog Come on the Trip?

Planning Your Trip with Your Dog in Mind

Packing for a Dog-Friendly Trip

Where is Your Dog Welcome? Part I Rex and the City

Where is Your Dog Welcome? Part II Just Get Out There!

Where is Your Dog Welcome? Part III Surf�s Up, Moondoggie

Dogs vs. Small Children on a Trip: A side-by-side comparison

Travel Tips en Route and After Your Arrive at the Hotel

Packing Checklist

Commands to Learn

Veterinary Contact Worksheet

Don't leave your best friend at home, have a pet friendly vacation holiday.

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