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Puppy Proofing Your Home

There's no question that parents child proof their house. Should you puppy proof as well? Yes you should. Puppies can get into all sorts of trouble even if you're just around the corner in the next room.

How to pick a dog breed or puppy? Puppies and Kittens and more. Find the puppy you've been looking for.

If you aren't crating your puppy or dog when you leave, make sure the area where they're confined has fresh water. Don't put water in a crate. It can easily spill and make a sloppy mess. Get down to puppy level to see what might be tempting. Look for dangling electrical cords which may be an attractive plaything for a puppy. Dogs have been known to chew cords severely burning their mouths if not worse.

Dangling blind cords can be wrapped around necks and lead to choking. The dog can chew the cord and have it get caught in their throat.

Housebreaking a Puppy should be one of your top priorities. You may not think it's a big deal now when the puppy is tiny and so are the messes, but the longer you wait the more of a challenge it will be.

The kitchen and bathroom are favorite rooms to leave a dog confined when you leave the house. Use baby proof locks that prevent the dog from opening the drawers and cabinets. You may think it funny when you come home and find Fido covered in flour from nose to tail, but inhaled flour can lead to lung problems. Small dogs and puppies can get caught behind the refrigerator. Block off access if possible.

Dogs have a different threshold for taste than humans do. You might not think that the dog will drink or eat something that smells bad to you. To the dog, it just smells, there is no bad or good about it. Keep the garbage securely covered or remove the garbage when you leave.

The bathroom holds cosmetics and cleaning products, neither of which are meant for puppies. Secure these products where the dog can't get at them. Close the toilet lid. You don't want the puppy falling in.

If your dog is big and can reach the kitchen counters, clear off whatever might be a problem. Some dogs are tall enough to reach the kitchen sink so don't leave dirty dishes in the sink.

Every dog needs a place where he feels safe and secure. Provide a blanket or bed, and a few non breakable toys where he's being left. How to pick a dog breed might be easier than you think.

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