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Safe Dog Toys

Top Toys to Keep Your Dog Entertained Need help keeping your puppy pal entertained? Find out the best toys for your pooch.

safe dog toys People love getting presents, whether it�s a special occasion or not. And since dogs don�t pay much attention to calendars, getting a present from their owner makes any day a special occasion. You might wonder why a dog cares whether he is playing with a brand new plastic duck that makes a quacking noise when he bites down on it, or last year�s plastic squirrel that squeaks. But he does.

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dog food recipes

Toys for dogs should be well made to prevent injury. If the toy is stuffed the stitching should be secure. Some dogs love to unstuff their toys and that's okay, but make sure he or she doesn't actually eat the stuffing. It's not digestible and could cause a blockage. Plastic toys should be sturdy enough to withstand chewing watch for small pieces that break off that could be eaten. Plastic in tummies causes problems too.

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Interacting with a new toy stimulates a dog. One thing you might try is to wrap the new toy in paper before giving it to your dog, and act excited when you give it to him. The new toy will instantly be special, and watch how often he chooses the new toy when it is time to play.

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dog food recipes